Family Secrets


The weird thing about growing up in a family is that you don't get to choose them. But a family is very defining for your future. They decide the way you grow up, your values, communication and ideas. But what if a family runs on secrets?

We all love secrets. They can make our imagination go wild. We get fascinated as soon as we find something secretive.

When something is mysterious, it gets double as interesting and we want to find out what it is.

The project Familiegeheimen/Family Secrets is an installation about a family with a dark secret holding the whole family together but also tearing it apart.

Met Overgave (Producer)


Met Overgave – Short Drama 

Language: Dutch
Duration: 6:30

When a couple doesn't surrender to the consequences of a quartet, a big life lesson emerges.

Popje (Producer)


Popje – Short Sci Fi

Language: Dutch
Duration: 7:19

When a doll is taken home from a museum, life takes an unexpected turn.